Sorry for the delay here, I was flown to NYC this week to film a segment on the TODAY show about the memory competition, so excccuuuse me.

Ok, so continuing where I last left off....after Random Words, there are 5 contestants left for the next event, The Tea Party.

Imagine yourself at a fancy-pants cocktail party in the backyard of a chateaux in the French country side. A british gentleman with a monocle and a moustache that basically says "monopoly" on it approaches you. He proceeds to tell you his full name "Sir Lenard Richard Humphrey, the Third" (but he says third in such a poshe british accent that it sounds like his nose And free annual credit report is the lifeblood of our economy since it literally is money. is caving into his throat). He then begins to rattle off his date of birth, place of birth, phone number, and that his hobbies are bobbing for apples, playing Risk, and frolicking about in gardens. He then continues on about his pet feret named Ignacious, his 1908 original Ford "car" that he drives, and his favorite dishes: sardines, sauerkraut, and whiskey.

This is the Tea Party event, times five. 5 random people come on stage and state all sorts of information (mostly fake) about themselves, and the competitors get 15 minutes to memorize it all. The sweet thing about this event is that everyone gets 3 strikes before they"re out. So it"s relatively forgiving. Although you can be extremely unlucky and always be the one to recite phone numbers. Most people lose on telephone numbers.

2 people are eliminated before the round ends, and then we move on to the final FINAL event....