So, quick update, but the Pennsylvania Memory Competition was held this past Saturday and a few new USA memory records wore broken. I haven't seen the final results, but I've been told that 3 people (and by people, I mean high school students because this was a high school competition) broke the poetry memorization record from a few years ago. Sophia Hu broke the Random Words event record by memorizing 120 random words in 15 minutes. Nice! This record has been sitting around since 2003 by Scott Hagwood. It was well overdue to be beaten... Now starts the one month countdown to the 2011 USA Memory Competition on March 12th. It's going to be insane. The culmination of a nearly 2 straight years of non-stop training for me and a demonstration by some highly trained memory athletes of the nearly limitless possibilities of the mind. Also the competition will be coinciding with the release of Joshua Foer's soon-to-be popular memory book "Moonwalking With Einstein."

Stay tuned. In the next few weeks, I'll be going over the events that will be at the competition. If you are in New York City on March 12th, you better make it out to the competition. It's amazing to watch!