I apologize for the late acknowledgement of the new year. This is by far one of the most important years of my life, and believe me, I am ready for it. The two main things happening this year are the 2011 USA Memory Competition in early March and then, of course, my climb of Mt. Everest in late March. My goals are to win the memory competition and to summit the mountain. Both goals I feel extremely capable of. There are obviously things I can't predict and ANYTHING can happen, so those two goals aren't given. Far from it. All I can do is keeping working hard, like I have been for the past year, and know that I have prepared the best that I could. The rest will just happen, and hopefully with good results.

Hopefully with those two goals accomplished, my Climb For Memory charity will be bringing in a lot more attention and hopefully bringing Alzheimer's awareness to greater significance.

So, as this year gets underway expect more and more blogs about my preparations for Mt. Everest and as always, more memory techniques and ways to keep your mind healthy and prepared to potentially thwart the onset of Alzheimer's.

Happy New Year!