60 Minutes had an amazing story last night about a rare skill that few people have where they can remember everything and anything from their past. Definitely worth the watch: Watch it here!

Makes you wonder about the memory. I mean, I have a really good trained memory, but an absolute wreck of an autobiographical memory. I can barely remember what I did on my birthday last year, let alone the reason why I opened the fridge haha. No but seriously, these people that have this skill don't even try. If I could ever do it, it would be because I created some method of storing facts and dates. But storing all facts from a long lifetime of facts is daunting if you plan on attempting it methodically. Seems nearly impossible, even from my point of view.

Makes me feel that the stuff I purposefully memorize (numbers, cards, absolutely unimportant stuff) is kind of a waste of time, haha. Memorizing events in one's life seems like the correct usage of the brain's memory, right? And, an actually important usage at that!

Anyways, have a watch. It'll blow your mind! Maybe you have the same skill!!