Thought I"d chime in with some updates. So if you wander on to my donations page you"ll see I"ve actually reached half of my fundraising goal! I broke the 20,000 mark yesterday! It"s been a lot of hard work, but I recently received a extremely generous donation from Exdel Corporation. I currently have a few other donations lined up and possibly a large sponsor. That remains to be seen. Also, Climb For Memory will most likely be featured on Pepsi"s I"ll know for sure after this weekend, and then I"ll need all of your votes to win! I"ll keep you posted!

As for climbing, here The clandestine labs then chemically extract 90 to 100% pure from the leaf. are few updates....

1. I uploaded some videos of my last climb of Mont Blanc on youtube. Check them out:

Mont Blanc at 4am

On the col of Mont Day of the TestYou should be present in the online permit test centre before the appointed time of your test. Tacul

The summit of Mont Blanc!

2. Training for Everest is going awesome. I"m in the best shape of my life!

3. There was only 1 Everest summit this Fall and it was the first one (in Fall) since 2008. There were a few other Himalayan summits recently on Cho Oyu and Manaslu (sadly also a death on Cho Oyu). A good reminder that climbing these mountains is always risky and that summits aren"t always a sure thing...

Until next time.