Good morning folks... Just wanted to let you guys all know that in 20 weeks, i'll be in China, memorizing thousands of numbers, among other things. In 20 weeks (that's the end of August), I'll be hitting up Hong Kong for the most anticipated World Memory Championship (WMC) ever. It's gonna be huge...the prize money is the largest it's ever been, which means world records are going to be broken. Even I, who's never competed on such a big stage before, am planning to break a couple world records. We will see...holy crap it's gonna be exciting! When it gets closer to the event, I'll be breaking down all of the different disciplines and what they involve.

On the climbing front...Everest season has just started and people are piling into base camp. The weather's been so-so and apparently there is a ton of smog on the way up to base camp (which has never happened before and shows how the pollution of Katmandu is climbing up into the mountains - not cool). Either way, the expedition group I'm climbing with next year has been updating facebook like crazy which is great for family and friends...nice. As for this summer, I'm still figuring out what climb I want to do, but it's looking like the Andes - probably Bolivia. There are some wicked 21,000 foot peaks there...I'll keep you posted.

Those memory tips are coming...not to worry. And follow me on twitter, I'm gonna try and be hip and keep that going with updates on my memory training scores and such.