Hey guys! First real blog entry! Today is the 13th annual USA Memory Championship, held in New York City! In this competition, trained mental athletes test their memory in a number of events. Some of these include memorizing the order of a shuffled deck of cards in under 5 minutes, memorizing a 500 digit number, and memorizing 99 random names/faces. I have been training hard for this moment, training hard everyday for the past 8 months. I'm hoping to break some US records. In the past few weeks I've been able to memorize a deck of cards in under 65s in training very consistently...hoping I'll be able to do it again today and beat the standing US record of 87s!! I also hope to beat the 5 minute numbers event with somewhere between 180-200 digits....phew! We'll see...hope my nerves don't get the best of me!

My main goal for the competition is to show people that it is possible to have a healthy brain and that it can lead to an overall better and healthier life-style. Keeping the brain active is just as important as exercising any other part of the body. If you don't use it, you definitely lose it. And the great thing is, anyone can do it, it just takes a little discipline! For more information on the competition, go here. Or, if you're in NYC, come watch the event in person! The location is in lower Manhattan (check the aforementioned website for details).

Wish me luck!