“Nelson Dellis’ Remember It! is filled with clever tips and tricks for remembering like a memory champion.”

Joshua Foer, New York Times bestselling author of Moonwalking with Einstein

Hey, you—yes, you. You, with the painfully mediocre memory, who always forgets the names of people you meet, where you parked your car, what you were planning on doing when you walked into a room; you know the deal . . . that’s right, I’m talking to you!

If you want to stop forgetting, it all begins with picking up this book, where I share the game-winning—nay, dare I say, life-winning—techniques that I used to become one of the foremost memory experts. You’ll find tons of advice on how to tackle the everyday things that you want to remember but often forget, like that one thing you actually needed from the grocery store. Moving from simple mnemonic techniques to more complex strategies, such as constructing memory palaces, I have tips for everyone—for people who want to improve their memory just a bit to make life run a little smoother, for competitive types who might want to test their mettle in a memory championship someday, and everyone in between.

No longer will you bow down to your memory and shrug, saying, “I have a bad memory.” From here on out, you’ll Remember It!


Throughout his research into memory theory, Nelson Dellis found existing memory improvement guides to be wanting—overcomplicated, dry, and stodgy. So he decided to write a book that is approachable and fun, centered on what people actually need to remember. In Remember It!, Dellis teaches how to make the most of your memory, using his competition-winning techniques. Presenting the information in a user-friendly way, Dellis offers bite-size chapters, addressing things we wish we could remember but often forget, such as:

  • where you left your keys and parked your car

  • how to get to your destination (without checking Google Maps a million times)

  • the phone number of someone you met at the bar

  • the eleventh president of the United States (and all the others)

  • what you needed at the grocery store

  • what your partner asked you to do this morning

  • the names of the people you just met

  • new vocabulary, in foreign languages or otherwise

  • every password you’ve ever created

  • and much more!


 “This book will make remarkable memory an ordinary part of your life, and you will not find a more engaging teacher than Nelson Dellis. I have been using the techniques in this book every day, and if you do the same you will never again forget to Remember It!”

from the foreword by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Staff Neurosurgeon, Emory Clinic, and Chief Medical Correspondent, CNN


“An amazingly practical book to help you keep your mind in shape! I’ve had the opportunity to see Nelson explain his techniques, and this book really showcases not only his knowledge about memory but his ability to make memory techniques easy to learn and relatable to everyday situations.”

Maria Shriver, award-winning journalist, New York Times bestselling author of I’ve Been Thinking . . . , and founder of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement


“A game-changing guide to improving memory—for everyone!”

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Grain Brain and Brain Maker


“Hearing what Nelson can do with his memory impressed me. But watching him recall and then teach me exactly how he did it is even better. I can’t wait for everyone to learn his simple techniques and realize what their memory is capable of.”

—Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author and host of the School of Greatness podcast


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