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Nelson Dellis is a highly sought-after memory expert, author, and consultant. He has appeared on FOX's Superhuman, the TODAY Show,,, Forbes, the Oprah Winfrey Network, The New Yorker, Nat Geo, and more.

His services have been requested by the likes of CNN, SAS, LivingSocial, Fusion IO, Life'sDHA, Pepsico, BrainStrong, University of Miami, Crossfit HQ, Palantir Technologies, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Nintendo, Johnson & Johnson, Janney Montgomery Scott, professional NBA and NFL athletes, CEOs, students, and many others.


  • Inspirational/Motivational keynote speeches on the subjects of memory improvement and techniques, mountaineering, pushing the limits of the body and mind, and goal-achievement.

  • Memory seminars and workshops to help you and/or your team achieve your-memory related goals, no matter how simple or complex. He offers a range of options and pricing depending on what you need.

  • One-on-one memory training to help you improve your memory in the domain of your choice, whether it be remembering names, numbers, lists, life events, a specific set of information, or simply general memory improvement and brain wellness.

  • Memory consulting for projects that are related to the mind, memory, brain health, and memory techniques.

  • Brand ambassadorships and partnerships using his high-level social presence, knowledge, and experience in all things related to memory, memory improvement, and brain health to help promote your brand or product.

  • Events and appearances for TV shows, fundraisers, forums, etc. Anything where memory-related entertainment is needed, he can provide.

  • Interviews for TV, podcasts, radio, print, digital, etc.

  • Freelance videography for any businesses that are looking to showcase what they're about in a memorable way. You can learn more of Nelson’s work at

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