Here we go. 2011 was freaking inCREDIBLE. But as always my goal is always to make each year even better. It was only 2 years ago today that I started planning my Everest trip from last year. And now I'll be doing the same for 2013. While I did express my goal of attempting a double summit, because of the difficulty of knowing for sure what the Chinese government will do with climbing permits and all that, I still have to keep my options open and consider doing a repeat of my last climb on the south side. If that happens though, I'll still go big. I would love to bag Lhotse (the 4th tallest mountain in the world and neighbor to Everest) as a double peak-bagging expedition. As for memory, the 2012 USA Memory Championships is closing in and I'm ready to defend my title. I even made this little video because I wanted to try and be as cool as Ben Pridmore (I failed):

Speed Number Training from nelson charles dellis on Vimeo.

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